Why Bread and Bisuits

February 21, 2019

Waste not want not

When making sourdough you have to keep the bitch alive by feeding her everyday. When it is time to make bread you use part of the bitch to make a levain. You only use part of the levain to make the final dough. For months I was throwing away all of the leftover levain. It was significant, and seemed like such a waste. So, I did some googling and discovered lots of uses for leftover levain.

Bitch Baby Biscuits are born

I started making crackers with the leftover levain. At the time I was also experimenting with my dough hydration. High hydration dough tends to have a more open crumb; which I like. One day I miscalculated when making my levain. I was trying to make 84% hydration levain and ending up making 94% hydration levain. When I made the crackers with the 94% hydration levain the texture was very different than what I had been making. Everyone loved them! I then had to change my final dough recipe to get the boules and baguettes to work with the higher hydration levain.

Why biscuits and not crackers

Pure marketing my darlings! I knew I couldn't put our full logo Bitch Baby Bakery in a highly visible location on all our products. I want the packaging to be family friendly. So B3 became the shorted version. Bitch Baby Boule, Bitchy Baby Baguette, Bitch Baby Bags, and then...Bitch Baby Crackers? It simply would not do. Biscuit is French for cracker (and I took French in high school) so it seemed like a perfect fit.